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Incense Mix - Abundance

Incense Mix - Abundance

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Boost your abundance game with our all-natural Incense Mix. Made from 100% natural herbs, flowers, spices, roots and essential oils, this blend will bring a sense of prosperity and abundance to any room. Smells great, feels great.

  • Made with exotic herbs, flowers, roots, spices and 100% pure essential oil.
  • Each 150 ml corked tube comes with an instruction card of how to use them and dhoop cups (as a compliment)
  • You can either light the herb mix as is or use dhoop cups.

How To use:

  • Use it atleast once a week setting intention of inviting abundance into your space / home.
  • Make sure to concentrate on the corners of your space specifically.
  • Chant the spell “ I cleanse this space of all the negative energy and let it fill with positive energy and good vibes. I cast this spell abundance anew. From the realms unseen. Let the money flow.Manifest wealth, let it steadily grow”.
  • Sit with this for a couple of minutes in your space if possible and set your intention.


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